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Create Multiple Spaces with Definitions™ Wall Partitions

Functional and stylish, Definitions home wall partitions by Armstrong are a tasteful way to divide and conquer space issues in your home

Definitions Wall Partitions

Room dividers are an affordable and effective way to divide a great room or loft space to create smaller spaces, such as a dining area within a living room or a home office within a bedroom. They can also be used to stylishly encourage traffic flow in a space, offer visual privacy, or camouflage messy storage areas.

Spaces without walls, defined by wall partitions

Beyond simply dividing space, Definitions™ hanging room dividers help define a space by adding color, pattern, and texture. This collection of interior design-quality wall partitions features infused etchings and iced or channeled textures enclosed within translucent panels. Panels measure 2' x 6' and hang from a stainless steel cable suspension system (included with each kit). They’re impact-resistant and washable for easy care.

Definitions panels spruce up any space with a shot of fresh, natural color like pumpkin, iris, and fern. If you prefer a touch of nature's serenity, take inspiration from softer, organic options such as bamboo, grass, and tree leaf patterns.

Definitions wall partitions give you the freedom to create spaces within existing rooms without having to knock down walls. They're also visually appealing decorative accents that bring style and functionality to your home.