Office and Healthcare
Noise is a leading source of workplace dissatisfaction, and it adversely affects work performance. Maintaining patient confidentiality is now a HIPAA requirement. A balanced acoustical design and the proper selection of interior systems and materials is the key in helping to keep noise levels down and private conversations private.

Office Acoustics (PDF - 424K)

The quality of the acoustic environment in a classroom, or wherever learning happens or occurs, is vital to all students, since they must be able to understand the teacher to learn effectively. The ability to hear the teacher is especially important to students with hearing impairments, very young children, and students for whom English is a second language. In addition to the students, the teachers must also be considered since vocal strain can contribute to fatigue, frustration and even “burnout”. Selection of the proper acoustical treatments can play a critical role in enhancing the learning environment.

Quiet in the classroom (PDF - 159K)

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